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Mike Martin’s 7 things head coaches value most in an assistant

Brown University head coach Mike Martin gave great advice at last year's Dynamic Leadership Academy.

Brown University head coach Mike Martin gave great advice at last year’s Dynamic Leadership Academy.

In yesterday’s post about the Bob Walsh Dynamic Leadership Academy I mentioned how much I enjoyed Brown University Coach Mike Martin’s presentation. He started with the 7 things that a head coach values most in an assistant. I try to use the list to check on the job I am doing for Coach Turner here at Bard. I found the tips extremely valuable and wanted to share them with other young coaches.

  1. Loyalty to the head coach
    1. No one thinks you question the programs or head coach’s values
    2. Don’t air dirty laundry
    3. Focus on your current job
    4. Promote all the positives of the program and head coach
    5. Address any problems privately with your head coach
  2. Challenge your boss daily (in a positive way)
    1. Ask why?
    2. Bring new ideas
    3. **Do this respectfully**
  3. Be Creative
    1. Bring new ideas that fit your program
    2. Suggest new practice drills
    3. Suggest new recruiting ideas
  4. Ability To Recruit
    1. Getting good players makes you valuable
    2. Have no ego. Head coach can say no to your players
    3. Know what your head coach looks for. Does this recruit fit the program?
  5. Get players in the gym outside of practice
    1. Makes your players better
    2. Pick me up after bad practice or game
  6. Bring players into the office frequently
    1. Talk about academics
    2. Allows players to build relationships with head coach and assistant coaches
    3. Watch film
  7. Build on-campus relationships outside of basketball
    1. Get to know other coaches, admissions, etc.

Once again, if you have not signed up for this June’s Bob Walsh Dynamic Leadership Academy, I highly suggest you do so. And if you have the chance to hear Coach Martin speak, I highly encourage that as well. I know that his suggestions made me a better coach.


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