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Rockets Beat Clippers in Game 7: Best Houston Sets

PDF Diagrams of Rockets Plays in Game 7 vs Clippers

Admittedly, I thought the Clippers were going to beat the Rockets, advance to the Western Conference Finals and set up an incredible battle with the Warriors. I was clearly wrong though, as Houston controlled the entirety of Game 7 and advanced convincingly.

Seeing as how wrong I was, I wanted to go back and see how the Rockets did it. I think the biggest factor in the Rockets’ win was James Harden being REALLY good. He finished with 31 points and 8 assists and did even more than the stats show to create opportunities and scoring chances for teamamtes. Dwight Howard certainly didn’t hurt the Rockets cause with 16 points and 15 rebounds. Nor did Trevor Ariza hurt the cause shooting 6-12 from deep.

The video above shows a number of my favorite sets that the Rockets ran in the game. A number of the plays I included were sets that get James Harden into ball screen situations with a ton of space for him and his shooters around the arc. Not all led to scores, but the way Harden is able to attack the hedge, make decisions at the top of the key and kick off deep penetration makes him almost impossible to guard. And those skills may actually be secondary to his ability to put the rock in the hoop and draw fouls.

Which was your favorite set that the Rockets ran? Leave a comment to let me know or tweet it to me @Msass31


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