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Coach Turner taking advice from yours truly during a 2014 game.

Coach Turner taking advice from yours truly during a 2014 game.

I understand how busy everyone is and I (wishfully) assume everyone’s free time is being used reading If you do happen to have a few extra minutes though and want to learn A LOT about basketball, I highly suggest you check our Bard College Head Coach Adam Turner’s YouTube Channel.

Most recently Coach Turner put up a video on the way LeBron James has been using his post game in the Eastern Conference Finals and I also learned a ton from his recent video about the ways the Warriors are using Steph Curry.

A few of my other favorites videos were taking look at the way Manu Ginobili very well may be the best pick and roll passer in the NBA today and different counters to the ICE ball screen defense.

It’s a great resource for coaches at any level and an exciting channel for even casual basketball fans. Yes, he’s my boss, but he’s also damn good at what he does.

Coach Turner’s Twitter is also a great follow for both coaches and general basketball fans (@BardCoachTurner). I highly recommend following him for his insights.


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