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Recommended Readings

Bleacher Report's story on Allen Iverson at age 40 is one of three recommended readings this week.

Bleacher Report’s story on Allen Iverson at age 40 is one of three recommended readings this week.

I had a great journalism professor at Hofstra that made things very clear. In order to become a better journalist, you had to read as much good journalism as possible. I’ve tried to continue that over the past few years, not to become a better journalist, but because I was spoiled reading so many interesting stories.

Here are some of my favorite stories that I’ve found recently:

An Icon at 40: The Untold Story of Allen Iverson / Bleacher Report

I loved watching Allen Iverson play when I was a kid. I was 11-years-old in 2001 when he carried the Sixers to the finals. I’ll never forget how happy I was when the 76ers won Game 1 of the finals that all my friends were telling me the Lakers would sweep. Culturally, AI mattered. He was the reason that kids in the suburbs like Livingston, NJ were trying out crossovers in pickup games and the reason 6th-grade-me asked my Mom if I could get cornrows (I didn’t, obviously). The article is a very interesting retrospective of the high and low points of Iverson’s life.

Sinners in the Hands / Texas Monthly

An absolutely fascinating story about a town divided, religion and if a church is a church or a cult.

Too Late for a Basketball Prodigy, Paterson Seeks a Truce / New York Times

Paterson is just a short drive, but worlds apart from where I grew up in Livingston, NJ. The article does a great job of acknowledging that the victim was not perfect, but still a victim of tragedy. Paterson is currently in a truce, per the article, but after reading, we all want to know if it will last.


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