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Entourage Movie Provides the Perfect Victory Lap

The Entourage is back in a very enjoyable movie follow - up to the HBO show.

The Entourage is back in a very enjoyable movie follow – up to the HBO show.

Let’s start with this. I absolutely LOVED the Entourage movie.

I won’t pretend the plot was an all-time great in the class of The Shawshank Redemption, but the Entourage movie was enjoyable. And that’s all it needed to be.

The movie provided a perfect victory lap for a show that drew a cult following and I rank as my favorite of all-time. Fans of the show got to sit back, relax and watch Vince and the boys live their luxurious lifestyle one more time while Ari made sure to come back from Italy to join in on the fun.

Does anyone believe that Kevin Dillon’s character, Johnny “Drama” Chase could actually win a Golden Globe? Probably not, but getting to that point was so much fun. The movie essentially served as a season of the show in one sitting and while old plot lines were revisited a touch too often, going-back-to-the-well wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

We got to see problems arise over Vince’s relationship with a beautiful woman. We got to see Eric go back and forth between the fun loving celebrity manager and the overly emotional boy he has shown he can be. We see Turtle court UFC fighter Ronda Rousey (enjoyable, even through the approximately 1,000 jokes about Turtle formerly being fat). And maybe craziest of all, we see Vince successfully direct a movie in his directorial debut and guide his brother to a major award.

Sure, critics can call the movie a succession of cameos with meaningless dialogue in between, but those cameos and dialogue were well worth my $13. Heck, Rob Gronkowski alone was worth it.


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