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Recommended Readings 2

Howard Megdal's article on new Liberty exec Isiah Thomas is a highly recommended article this week.

Howard Megdal’s article on new Liberty exec Isiah Thomas is a highly recommended article this week.

As I mentioned in my first Recommended Readings post, even with a busy coaching schedule, I try to find time to read as much good journalism as possible. Here are a few items that I’ve found recently that I highly recommend.

Isiah Thomas’ presence continues to overshadow Liberty, WNBA

Even if the author was not Howard Megdal, a Bard grad and original Raptormaniac, this piece would have been worth recommending. Jerry Beach put it best when he tweeted: “This was terrific. Juxtaposed a game worth watching & a sideshow nobody should have to see.”

17 Shots in Pasco

More than just a fascinating crime feature, the story examines the absolutely fascinating ethic, racial and socioeconomic background of this Washington town.

Tom Herman: You can’t change a culture as Mr. Nice Coach

Short, but interesting article from early May on new Houston head football coach Tom Herman and how he’s trying to implement his culture.


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