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Oklahoma City Thunder Backdoor Sets


Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook finishes both of the plays I show below with layups or dunks.

Play Diagrams: Thunder Backdoors

So much of coaching is borrowing from other people and tweaking it to fit what you do and I think that has now evolved into coaching websites doing the same thing – which is a really good thing – more great ideas circulating is better. My old boss Adam Turner borrowed  my favorite sets from the Warriors/Trailblazers game and wrote about them on his website and over there I saw him writing about what the Oklahoma City Thunder are doing.

After reading and talking to Adam about it, I was inspired to check out some of the stuff that Billy Donovan is running in Oklahoma City and see if I could find a specific play that I vaguely remembered from a regular season game I watched. Well I found that play.

The play is run out of a horns-like alignment and results in a Kevin Durant to Russell Westbrook pass for a backdoor layup or dunk. I really like the design of how the Thunder are able to get Durant coming off the handoff full speed with the defender trailing hard, while also clearing that side of the floor for the backdoor.

In searching for that play, I found another set the Thunder run for a backdoor cut, this one out of sideline out of bounds. Once again the pass ends up with Westbrook after he back cuts his man, but it’s a fake handoff this time and the big man is throwing the pass.



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