Head Men's Basketball Coach – Pratt Cannoneers

Now Offering Private Basketball Training!

I am very excited to announce that I am now offering private basketball training!

During this COVID-19 pandemic period, without college basketball at Pratt for the rest of the 2020 calendar year, I’ve decided to get back on the court, offering personalized skills training sessions at outdoor courts around New Jersey.


I want to work with high school student-athletes with high aspirations – to be a college player or to make their varsity team. With eight years on a college sideline, including the last three as a head coach, I know what it takes to play at this level.

If you want to play college basketball, I can help!

Training will be focused on skill development and specifically transferrable fundamentals that apply in high level game play. These workouts are not about what looks good on Instagram – they’re about taking your skill set to the next level and adding layers to your game.

Through conversations and workouts, I will build a personalized skill development program for you, where we spend our time on the court (me in a mask!) and also give you skills to work on at home in between sessions.

Three types of sessions are available:

Individual 1 on 1 Training: Focused on personalized skill development. We will assess your strengths and areas for improvement to create comprehensive workouts. We will add moves and traits to your game that make a difference in high level basketball.

With our 1 on 1 training, there will also be options for highlight tape analysis and recruiting advice, so you can be sending your best film to college coaches!

Small Group Training: You and one or two friends/teammates train with me in a small private session. The emphases will be the same on individual development, but we can add in more partner drills and 1 on 1 competitions.

Team Training/Larger Group Training: Skill development will still be the focus of these trainings, but we can apply skills through small-sided (3 v 3) or full sided (5 v 5) game play with teaching and training points built in.

With team training sessions, I can also consult with your AAU or High School coach to determine what their go-to systems and actions are, so we can build those specific skills into our workouts.

If you have any questions, or to schedule a workout, please contact me at COACHMAXSASS@GMAIL.COM.


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