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Recommended Readings 5

Recommended Readings is a recurring post where I share some of my favorite journalism and stories that I have come across. Previous Recommended Readings: 1 …. 2 …. 3 …. 4 WELCOME TO MANU’S BASKETBALL FAMILIA ( What … Continue reading

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BRUUUCE!!! Springsteen masterful as ever in Brooklyn

One time a few years ago at a Bruce Springsteen concert, Bruce declared that the show was going to be a rock and roll baptism and a rock and roll … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Tiger Woods

Stop whatever it is that you’re doing and read this story by Wright Thompson on Tiger Woods’ downfall. Immediately. Right now. Is your boss looking over your shoulder? Have them read … Continue reading

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These Mets are magical, but not quite like 2006

Part of the reason that sports means so much to so many people is the way that it brings about emotions that we didn’t know we had inside of us. … Continue reading

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Good Guys 38, Other Guys 0: 2-0

When I called my Mom on Friday to let her know I was going to make it home for the weekend, she was thrilled. I was going to be able … Continue reading

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Good Guys 42, Other Guys 24: 1-0

For most people I associate with, I am the only Ohio State fan that they know. So before big games, most people reach out to me to talk about the … Continue reading

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I am a firm believer that college athletes should be properly motivated and ready for any game they face, but there’s always an extra bit of juice for a rivalry … Continue reading

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Recommended Readings is a recurring post where I share some of my favorite journalism and stories that I have happened upon recently. Previous Editions: Recommended Readings, Recommended Readings 2, Recommended … Continue reading

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The Matt Harvey Innings Limit Argument is SO Mets

Mets star right-hander Matt Harvey may be getting close to his innings limit. Or he may not be. It’s hard to know who’s right here, but one thing’s for sure: The Harvey innings … Continue reading

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The Countdown to September 6

There was something fun about being an Ohio State fan last year. Sure, winning the National Championship was fun, but it was more that there were zero expectations. Every irreplaceable … Continue reading

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