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NCAA Lacrosse Final delivers champion, but lacks excitement

I consider myself a fan of college lacrosse. I used to consider myself a really big fan, back when I would occasionally freelance for Inside Lacrosse, covered the Hofstra men’s … Continue reading

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My Brother: College Grad

For the longest time, I had a number of things I could claim over my younger brother David. I was older (by three years), taller, smarter, more athletic, more employed … Continue reading

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Pitch Perfect 2: Impossible to live up to the original

I know that this site has been generally about basketball and coaching, but I saw Pitch Perfect 2 this weekend and felt it necessary to share my thoughts with the … Continue reading

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I spent part of my afternoon in court today. There’s not great story that comes with it. I didn’t do anything exciting. The extent of my “crime” knowledge comes from … Continue reading

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How did I get here?

Most┬ácollege basketball coaches played college basketball. I did not. Almost all of the rest were at least managers during their four years of college. I was not. Instead, I was … Continue reading

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