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Favorite Xs and Os of Eurobasket 2015

CLICK HERE FOR PLAY DIAGRAMS OF MY FAVORITE Xs AND Os OF EUROBASKET 2015 Most people would probably roll their eyes at the thought of it, but I think I’m addicted … Continue reading

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Good Guys 42, Other Guys 24: 1-0

For most people I associate with, I am the only Ohio State fan that they know. So before big games, most people reach out to me to talk about the … Continue reading

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I am a firm believer that college athletes should be properly motivated and ready for any game they face, but there’s always an extra bit of juice for a rivalry … Continue reading

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Recommended Readings 4

Recommended Readings is a recurring post where I share some of my favorite journalism and stories that I have happened upon recently. Previous Editions: Recommended Readings, Recommended Readings 2, Recommended … Continue reading

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The Matt Harvey Innings Limit Argument is SO Mets

Mets star right-hander Matt Harvey may be getting close to his innings limit. Or he may not be. It’s hard to know who’s right here, but one thing’s for sure: The Harvey innings … Continue reading

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The Countdown to September 6

There was something fun about being an Ohio State fan last year. Sure, winning the National Championship was fun, but it was more that there were zero expectations. Every irreplaceable … Continue reading

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Skill Development: Small Guards

At a lot of different levels of Division III, the best recruiters are the ones who can look past measurables and figure out which players are the best, regardless of … Continue reading

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Memories, Triumph and Heartbreak: Coaching Team USA in Berlin, Germany

I was only in Berlin for one Friday night, so myself and my friends planned on using the night to explore the popular Berlin club scene. Button-downs were ironed, jeans were … Continue reading

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Settling in at Wesleyan

My most sincere apologies go out to all my loyal readers (hi mom and dad!) who have so sorely missed new posts and updates on Things have gotten a … Continue reading

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The Next Step: Wesleyan University

Major change has never been my forte, but sometimes change is necessary and positive. One of those positive changes is underway right now as I am beginning my new job … Continue reading

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